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Pika Dude's Birthday

Today is Pika Dude’s birthday! No, not the business... Me, the man. I’m happy I was born so that I can follow my dreams and meet all you wonderful nerds. Fun fact: (as some of you already might know) I have an identical twin brother (aka: Mr. Mew). So it’s his bDay too.

Mewwy Christmas from Pika Dude

Mewwy Christmas! I hope Delibird stopped by with many gifts for you this year. I’ll keep spreading that Pikachu cheer.

Pikachu Playing Arcade Game

Pikachu at Frank and Son Colletors Show building enjoying the arcade at the SoCal Retro Gamin Expo buy/sell/trade event yesterday.

My Pikachu Family

I love my Pikachu family.

Pika Dude Buried in Pokemon FIT

That time I buried myself in a bunch o Pokémon FIT plushies.

Itabag Picture Collection

I’m a huge itabag fan. They have really revolutionized how people express themselves and created a great use for all the keychains, charms, pins, and plushies we all love to collect. Here’s pics I took of some of my favorite itabags so far.

Having Fun with Pokemon Fit

I’m having too much fun with all the Pokémon FIT dolls I just got from Japan.